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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."
~ John Quincy Adams

Executive Coaching

Are you ready to make a strategic move and get focused on setting a course for your success as a leader?

In today's increasingly challenging and competitive business environment, many savvy business leaders are utilizing Executive Coaching as a means for gaining a competitive edge. Forward-looking leaders know that an Executive Coach can help them identify obstacles that are getting in the way of their success, and can accelerate the development of their leadership abilities.

Personal Executive Coaching

Without a doubt, Personal Executive Coaching is an investment you make in yourself and your future. For some, the goal may be to enhance their leadership or management skills and grow in their current position. For others, the process may be about expanding advancement opportunities or determining if it’s time to pursue other options. In either case, the ultimate goal is to capitalize on your strengths and maximize your earning potential.

Personal Executive Coaching offers you a strategic sounding board that challenges your assumptions and helps you determine how to best leverage your strengths to achieve tangible results. Your Personal Executive Coach will ask thought-provoking questions that are designed to shift your perspective and help you:

  • Explore your options, develop your ideas, and gain clarity around your goals
  • Increase your strategic thinking, actions and behaviors
  • Improve your time management skills and create more balance
  • Leverage your strengths and enhance your leadership skills
  • Identify and mitigate weaknesses and blind spots
  • Develop an actionable plan for success
  • Ultimately, increase your income

Company-Sponsored Executive Coaching

Our Company-Sponsored Executive Coaching program is a popular and proven tool for grooming high-potential individuals for accelerated success. It can also be helpful for those needing to improve their skills, by utilizing a "back to basics" approach to correcting performance and working through organizational change.

Company-Sponsored Executive Coaching is a collaborative effort between the coach, the person being coached, and a company-provided mentor. Although our programs are customized to meet the needs of each specific leader or organization, our process always follows a standard format that includes:

  • Initial Meeting – Our coaching process always begins with an open discussion between the key stakeholders to clearly define the desired outcome of the coaching engagement.
  • Assessments – In order to establish a performance baseline and identify strengths, opportunities, and styles, a client will initially take at least two organizational, leadership or skill-based assessments. If your company utilizes a specific 360° assessment, we can typically build the coaching program around that assessment.
  • Meetings – The coach and the client will meet four times each month, either by phone or in person, for a period of at least 6 months. In addition, the client and the company mentor should expect to meet at least once each month in order for the client to keep the mentor updated on their progress. This is a key piece of the process, as it ensures coach/client confidentiality while at the same time keeping the mentor engaged in the process.
  • Final Meeting – At the end of the formal coaching engagement, the coach, client and company mentor will once again meet to gauge the success of the coaching and establish an on-going Personal Development Plan.
  • Follow-up - Beyond the formal coaching engagement, The Focus! Group also offers complimentary follow-up "check-ins" between the coach and the client once each quarter for a period of one year to make sure they are still on track with their development plan.

The ultimate goal of our Executive-Focused Coaching programs is to assist you in clarifying your purpose and goals, as well as to uncover previously unrealized opportunities that support organizational, individual and professional growth.

To learn more about how our customized Executive-Focused Coaching programs can help you gain a competitive edge, contact us today to schedule a complimentary "test-drive" coaching session.

Interested in bringing the benefits of coaching to your entire team in a dynamic and affordable way? Check out our Group-Focused Training programs.

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