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"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Entrepreneur Coaching

Is it really your plan to spend your entire working life making money for someone else? Now is the time to focus on your most marketable product – yourself – and reap the rewards of entrepreneurship!

Our Entrepreneur-Focused Coaching program, driven by you and your vision, will help you get focused on developing, launching, managing and growing the successful small business you've always dreamed about. Engaging a coach offers you an opportunity to get an outside perspective and provides you with an objective sounding board on strategic issues and important decisions. Your coach will work closely with you to help navigate some of the common, less productive impulses an entrepreneur experiences, including the daily ups and downs of owning your own business.

Emerging Entrepreneurs

For the emerging entrepreneur, looking to turn their long-held passion into a rewarding, lucrative career, our Entrepreneur-Focused Coaching program will walk you through the process of:

  • Clarifying your brand and fully developing your concept
  • Establishing the vision and mission of the company
  • Developing and evaluating a thorough, well-thought-out business plan
  • Formulating an actionable strategy to realize your vision and get your business off the ground
  • Creating a timeline and a process for achieving your goals

Established Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

For the established entrepreneur, interested in growing their current small business into a thriving, industry-leading proposition, we offer affordable, customized coaching engagements designed to help you:

  • Shift your focus from working in your business to growing your business
  • Improve your ability to successfully drive change throughout your organization
  • Renew your passion and sense of direction
  • Create an inspiring vision for your company's future
  • Clarify your brand and the position of your business in a competitive marketplace
  • Grow your client base by clearly defining your target market and focusing on attracting qualified, long-term, "raving-fan" customers
  • Recruit and retain a team of “brand specialists” that enthusiastically carry your brand to your customers
  • Identify your real competition and develop a strategy for differentiating your brand in the eyes of your target audience
  • Leverage your authentic brand to drive customer loyalty through even the most trying economic times

At The Focus! Group, we understand the challenges of running your own business – because we are entrepreneurs ourselves! We have also worked with successful entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries including real estate, personalized health care, cleaning services, landscaping, security and investigations, personal chefs, technology, retail, franchisees, and many more.

To learn more about our affordable coaching programs, or to schedule a complimentary "test drive" of our Entrepreneur-Focused Coaching programs, contact us today.

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